Wonder Mom Spotlight is a chance to shine the light on one of our Wonder Mom Success Club members with 7 questions so that you can get to know them too.

One of the things I love about running the Wonder Mom Success Club is the amazing creative talent in the club. I have to admit, I had no idea what breast milk jewelry was until Kaliah joined the club…

A portrait of one of our wonder mom success club members. A white woman with reddish hair, hazel eyes and freckles. Wearing a pink top and a breast milk necklace.

Welcome Kaliah, can we start with you telling us a bit about your business Sakura Milk Jewelry?

Hi! I make jewelry and keepsakes from other mothers’ breastmilk for them to have as keepsakes of their breastfeeding journey. I also do other memorial-type pieces but mostly I work with mothers.

How did you get started with this business?

I had my second child during the pandemic, to be exact the day after the hospitals made the rule no husbands were allowed for labor rooms in Japan.

I was in labor alone for three days, it was beyond tough.

I was blessed though and ended up having a healthy little baby boy on the third day of labor. I myself, on the other hand, had a lot of complications and a tough recovery.

Since I myself wasn’t well I had trouble doing what I had always dreamed and hoped to do for my son, to breastfeed him. It was such a hard journey but after a month finally, I was exclusively breastfeeding him.

To celebrate I made a piece of breastmilk jewelry which I also had done when my first son finished breastfeeding.

This time though I told some friends about it and wore it with such pride and joy as it resembled such celebration for me.

After that when anyone heard someone wanted breastmilk jewelry they referred them to me, the rest I guess is history as I also feel so much joy to be able to take breastmilk and not only preserve the breastmilk into jewelry but also preserve the meaning of that breastmilk for each mom into something unique and beautiful to hold onto.

I never really made jewelry before starting this business, except for 3 years ago I made a breastmilk necklace when my oldest finished breastfeeding. I’d heard about it when pregnant with my first child when I was visiting the US, some friends told me about it and thought “I want to do that“.

I was able to chat a bit with some breastmilk artists and then made one myself.

Now I am in a group with breast milk artists, I enjoy seeing what they’re up to and the discussions. There are few who were among the first to do it, and even they experiment and learn new tricks or ways with time.

I think no matter what your niche is there’s always something you can learn or explore new ways to use it.

gold ring with breast milk 'stone'

What do you find most challenging with your business?

There are certain tasks I am not the best at, we all have them but in having a small business we usually learn we have a few we might not have even realized.

For example, I am not a fan of accounting and coding is a bit hard for me, in a way though it forces me to face these challenges and find ways to improve.

What do you love most about your business?

I love how much meaning each keepsake I make means to the person who ordered it.

I often get such happy emails about how much it means to them and it honestly makes me teary-eyed because my creativity and work are out there touching hearts.

earring and necklance breast milk jewelry set

How do you use your creativity in your business?

I use it in everything. From creating keepsakes which of course is also guided sometimes by what a mother wants, to packaging and deciding what stickers to make.

I want to express the great love and bond mothers have with their children, so I am always thinking in this type of mindset creatively and you can see it in most of the things in my business.

Pink colors for love, a little baby, baby arms with jewelry, and so on.

baby hands around a box with a ring

What is one thing you wish you had learned earlier in your business journey?

When I try and do it all alone without any support from a group or assistant.

As a mom, we often try to do it all but really we need the support of others and insights of people who have been there in some way or another.

I tried at first doing my website and things myself but found myself having to go back and fix things thus making more work for myself because I didn’t get that support or insight from anyone to do it right the first time.

beautiful rung set with diamonds and a breast milk pearl made by a wonder mom member

How has being a Wonder Mom helped you on your journey?

It has helped me first of all not to waste precious time trying to figure out how to do things on my own and doing them wrong, but also to manage things.

It has helped me find balance and guided me on how to make a good business that I love and others can feel is nice too yet still have time for my family.

Honestly, I can’t imagine how setback I would be without being in the Wonder Mom Success Club. Business and at home. It is a lot for a mom to have a business and be a mom all on her own, it takes a village as they say.

I think even Jo knows that as she also has interviews with guest experts for the Wonder Moms. The Wonder Moms is such a wealth of knowledge and support.

Where to find Kaliah

You can check out here website here: https://sakuramilkjewelry.com
And on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/sakuramilkjewelry/

And if you are interested in joining The Wonder Mom Success club, you can find out more here: https://wondermomsuccessclub.com/

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