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Simplify Your Life #1 – Schedule

From the different moms that I have worked with, from all over the world, there is one issue that comes up time and time again.

It doesn’t matter what kind of mom you are, a married mom of 6 or a single mom of three, a working mom or a stay at home mom, the biggest issue is, nine times of out ten, the same issue.

Simplify Your Life To Stop Over-Scheduling and/or Bad Time Management

Moms have an uncanny knack of trying to fit too much into the day! But it’s not your fault, you just need reprogramming.

Pre-kids, you had a good idea of how long it is going to take you to get up and get out of the door. Let’s face it, many of us have done the 10 minute dash before now. From being snug in bed to locking the front door in under 10 minutes. Try that with a kid in tow, it ain’t gonna happen!

When you add a kid (and sometimes a husband too) into the mix, the time to get ready often doubles, throw in another child or two and you need another hour! And that’s on a good day but if little Miss 3 decides that she really wants to wear the unicorn t-shirt that is in the dirty laundry then chaos will pursue!

gold_Light-BulbTop Tip!

When planning anything with a child, double the time you think it is going to take and then add 10 minutes! Especially if you are wrangling a toddler! As kids get older and more independent, you should find it is quicker to do things.

How Many Hours In A Day?

Another issue I see a lot of is trying to jam too much into the day, having a to-do list 3 miles long and being unrealistic with the amount of things you can actually fit into 24 hours. If you write all you jobs into a schedule (I use google cal) with the realistic times it takes to do them, you will soon see that you are over-scheduled!

gold_Light-BulbTop Tip!

It takes some dedication, but track exactly what you do over the course of a couple of days and see how long each job REALLY takes. In your mind, you might think it takes just 30 minutes to bob down to the supermarket and pick up the few items you need but in reality it takes twice as long.

Once you have a clear idea of how long thing really take, you will see how little free time you actually have and understand that you can keep jamming more and more into those tiny pockets of time, it doesn’t work like that!

By setting up mini routines and simplifying as much as possible you can open up more pockets of time. Mini routines throughout the day will help the day run more smoothly, get the kids into them too and you’ll find you are nagging less.

Declutter your day and prioritize what you really need to do. Think about what you do on autopilot and whether you actually need to do it. Sometimes we just keep doing an activity because it has become part of the routine. So clean out anything that is no longer important to you. Or look at it from a different angle, is there a different time of day or day of the week where you could fit the activity in to make life simpler? Don’t be afraid to change things up!

Simplifying Tasks

What is a time suck for you? Think about parts of the day which feels like it takes time from you, what can you do to make life easier. There are lots of life hacks you can apply.

In the winter months we often eat porridge for breakfast but to be honest at 6.10am I am not fully awake and can only just remember who I am, let alone the right quantities to make perfect porridge. By writing the quantities I need on the oats tin lid, I save myself from brain exertion and maths first thing in the morning! And the time it takes for me to work it all out.

By spending sometime looking at your schedule and where you are stuffing too much in, you can declutter and free up more time for you, so put your feet up and enjoy a nice glass of wine, or whatever your tipple maybe.

If you are not already there, come and join us over at Moms That Rock and share your time saving hacks!

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