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The Big Reveal – Sea themed bedroom makeover to space themed bedroom

before-and-after-jojoebi-designsThis is going to be an image heavy post – just to warn you!

To give you a bit of background, we moved into this house when Ebi-kun was 2 years old, it was perfect timing because he transitioned from co-sleeping to going to his own room. As he was only two, he didn’t have much say in the design and I did it with a ‘under the sea‘ theme, Ikea helped a lot by having a lot of great fishy items at the time.

Now he is 7 and 2nd grade at school we decided he needed something a bit more grown up, he said he still liked the fish but it felt a bit babyish. So, we sat down and had a talk and decided on a space theme.

I wanted to share the actual transformation, so here are a few ‘before’ shots of the room…


Now onto the ‘after’ shots. I will include the links and info on what I bought at the bottom of the post. The bed is from Ikea, it is the Kura model, my husband attached the wooden frame at the top initially to stop Ebi-kun falling off the top (he slept underneath on a futon until he stopped having nose bleeds and moved up to the top when he started school). I use a metallic acrylic paint and painted the frame of the bed and the Ikea bookcase which also acts as stairs at the end of the bed.


The yellow strip at the top is the plastic that they use in places that prepare food – the strips hang in the doorway, we bought it from the home centre – this part of the project was a headache because we couldn’t find the right materials to do it exactly as I wanted. This worked out fine though. The side of the spaceship is vinyl, just cut and nailed in place and the orange door is really sparkly, sadly the photos don’t do it justice.



I was really impressed with the paint, it looks great but it smelt terrible and took quite a long time for the smell to disappear, Ebi-kun slept in the spare room for a couple of weeks. Under the bed is now a proper reading nook.




When we went to buy the fabric, Ebi-kun took a shine to this gold vinyl, I used an old foldable futon and made a cover for it with the gold vinyl, I also used some orange vinyl piping, I feel that really makes it. Ebi-kun is a big reader and will often disappear off to stick his nose in a book so he is really happy he has a more comfortable spot to read in now.




On top of the bed. I bought fabric and made the bed covers and pillow case. He has a little shelf at the end of the bed with his Chewbacca tin, the original Space Cadet, his calendar, some Star Wars characters, a clock, a bin and the hologram thing is for tissues.



I have had these little display boxes for years, they were from Daiso. I painted them silver too and then we put some little Star Wars figures inside.




These are the spaceships control buttons. I made a large wall decal and the buttons are on that, along with the Yoda quote (pictured above) and the window looking out on a nebula (pictured below). The round buttons are actually bubbles from the fishy room decals.




This was the finishing touch, the decal is fabric and removable and the printing is so clear, Ebi-kun absolutely loves it and it was the one thing I actually ‘splashed out’ on. As we did the bedroom we did a lot of de-cluttering and sorting and sold a lot of things that he had outgrown, that money paid for pretty much everything we bought.




The other side of the bed had his closet – with a control panel, the Death Star, which was a gift so I’m not sure where that came from and Yoda looking very cool.




The other side of the room, we turned the Ikea mirrors round so that they are now vertical, Put up hooks for the light saber and another so he can hang up his Jedi cloak that I made him for Christmas. The light saber and Yoda I bought from Amazon using a gift certificate I won the week before!




Finally, I wanted to keep the blackout curtains but change the fishy net ones that we had up. I found this amazing sparkly light weight fabric, Ebi-kun sleeps with the light from his CD player on as a night light and with just that on the tiny holographic dots really sparkly like the stars in the dark, I teemed it up with some silver satin and it looks great – even if I do say so myself! With the scraps from the bedding and curtains, I made a cushion for the swivel chair too.




According to a certain little boy, I am now the best mommy in the UNIVERSE! Ohhhh Yeah!




Here is where you can buy the various items:

Yoda from

Light Saber from

Kura bed from Ikea

Shelves from Ikea

Blue swivel chair from Ikea

Window, Yoda quote, buttons decal (you will need to cute everything out, it’s not pre-cut)  from Spoonflower

All the fabric was from a small Japanese store Carrot (all Japanese)

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6 Responses to "The Big Reveal – Sea themed bedroom makeover to space themed bedroom"
  1. Tracey Northcott (@keitaigoddess) says:

    According to a certain little boy, I am now the best mommy in the UNIVERSE! Ohhhh Yeah!

    That must feel so great!! All well deserved too.

    Where the Ikea things hard to paint? What sort of paint did you use? Did you have to prime and sand them first? I am always nervous about messing about with paint but I would like to.

    • jo ebisujima says:

      The Ikea furniture and just wood so very easy to paint – I did two layers but i could have got away with just one really. It was silver acrylic and we got from the home centre. The only downside was that it stank and it took a good 10 days for the smell to go – I tried all sorts of weird ways to get rid of it 🙂

  2. Helen says:

    Ohhh I LOVE it! It is nothing like I imagined it would be, you have a great eye Jo and I bet your son loves it too!
    Do you want to come round and do my kids rooms now? (we have to tidy them first!)

    • jo ebisujima says:

      Thank you Helen! Designing the room is so much fun, get together with your kids and bash some ideas around! and no, I won’t be round to help and clean up lol.

  3. Joanna says:

    Wow! Spectacular space-ifying! I especially love the Yoda quote above the bed 🙂

    • jo ebisujima says:

      Thank you! I love that quote too – a great one for kids 🙂

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