Sometimes you just need to ask lots of questions before making a decision or sometimes you just get stuck and can’t see the wood for the trees, which is where a fresh pair of eyes come in.

This is what the Pick My Brain session is for. You can ask me anything (within reason of course!) to help you make an informed decision and help you to get unstuck.

How it works…

  • You make the payment.
  • You answer a few questions in a form so that I have a good idea of what you need help with and we can get the most out of the session.
  • We book in the session. It will be held over zoom and I will send you the recording afterwards.

What can you pick my brain about?

Previous sessions I have helped people with have been about…

  • Montessori, how to set up at home and other Montessori related questions.
  • Setting up a new business, best practices, how to figure out the best type of business for your personal needs and wants.
  • Getting organized, creating a schedule or plan for a specific project.
  • General questions about running an online, desktop free business and how that can work for you.
  • Homeschooling and running a business, how that all fits together

What Do I Need?

Just you, your questions – write them down beforehand! A cup of your favourite beverage and access to zoom via computer or mobile device.

Click the coloured button to get started, you can invest using US$ or Japanese Yen.