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Organize Your Home With The Family Helping Too!

Organize Your Home

Organize Your Home With The Family Helping Too!

If I had the one perfect solution to answering the question “How do I get my husband to keep the place tidy” I would be a very rich woman! Unfortunately there isn’t one simple answer, so much plays a part in our ideas and expectations. One thing that I believe is important to discuss is each others ideas of “normal”. Even when you have grown up with similar families in similar neighbourhoods, how your parents actually raise you can be completely different. Your husband or partner might have been raised in a home where cleaning his shoes on the dining table is totally acceptable (doubtful but you never know!) whereas you may have been raised to always take your shoes off at the door! These small differences can have a huge impact on the way you both consider things to be at home and these small differences can often be the catalyst for a big fight!
Organize Your Home
If the chaos in your home is driving you crazy then you really need to get your partner on side. And once you have that in the bag, it’s time to work on the kids…

Start Them Young!

The younger you start with the kids to help organize your home, the better. Kids under 5 generally like a sense of order, they certainly go through sensitive periods where they will line up their toys, pair things together, group things that are alike. This is the perfect time to get them trained in “home organization” – it’s just like training a puppy, much easier to do when they are young! Listen to today’s show for more tips and tricks…

I have a lot more tips and tricks up my sleeve which I share in Clear The Clutter – a proven method of getting your home under control and getting you back in charge. The program is set up so you can start today – no need to wait for a start date, today is the day!


Prefer Baby Steps?
The Fridge Is The Perfect Place To Start…

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