You know that I am all for kids doing it for themselves, not only does it make our life easier but it helps them become more independent and responsible too. I was going through my photos looking for a specific shot for the book when I found these and thought I would share with you. It is such a neat trick!

So Easy A Toddler Can Do It!

I checked the date that these photos were taken, Ebi-kun would have been two and a half, almost to the day and he had been doing this trick for a while by then.

It is so hard for toddlers to put their coat on by themselves, this is a real boost for their confidence. I do have a funny story to go with it… my mother-in-law was visiting and I asked Ebi-kun to put his coat on, so he put it on the floor, Baa-chan, thinking she was helping, picked it up and tried to help him put it on. He took the coat off her and put it back on the floor, this happened a couple of times and I could see both of them getting frustrated, I had to step in and hold Baa-chan back so she could see what he was trying to do. Once he got his got on, she was pretty amazed.


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