Salt Painting Experiments

Last week I talked about how we set up a nature table in our home. This week it is art meets science project for Montessori Monday with some salt painting! We have done this a couple of times in the past and it has always turned out really interesting. Fun, crafty and educational- what is not to love? Plus it is perfect for those kids that are not really into art because it involves science too and vice versa for those children more into art instead of science or doing experiments.
Salt painting montessori monday

What You Will Need

Thick paper/card
glue (we used the famous yellow glue with the red cap – for those in Japan)
water based paint

How To Do It!

1. Paint a design on the paper with the glue
2. generously sprinkle over the salt and allow to dry
3. Once dry, dip the brush in the paint and gentle touch the salt – watch the colour spread!
4. Add more colours, try putting two different colours close together, what happens?
5. Allow to dry
Encourage kids to see what colours they can make by putting different colours together on the salt. You could even keep a record of the different colours you made or see how many different colours can be made from using yellow or from using blue.
This is not art to keep, the salt soon starts to fall off leaving a trail of colour salt around the house, take if from someone who knows! So take some pretty pictures to remember it by!


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