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Moms That Rock podcast Interview with Mimika Cooney

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Moms That Rock podcast Interview with Mimika Cooney

I have several things in common with today’s guest, we are both ex-pats running our business around the family and our businesses have many areas to them.
South African born Mimika Cooney is a TV Host, published author, speaker, business, branding, and video marketing expert. Mimika’s passion is helping entrepreneurs attract their perfect clients and position their brand for higher sales by sharing her branding and marketing expertise.
Mimika has run four successful businesses in three countries. She is the host of Mimika TV, a web show that inspires entrepreneurs to build a brilliant business brand.  She has been an award winning photographer for 12 years in two countries, has authored two books, is a public speaker, and has experience as a live television broadcaster.

Life and Biz as an ex-pat

We talk about living and working abroad and how it is possible to carve out a niche for yourself, following what you love to do. We also talk about juggling motherhood with being an entrepreneur and the pros and cons of working for yourself.
Watch the video below or click the link below the video to listen as a podcast


Find Mimika

mimika-cooney-rock-star-mom 2
Mimika runs a branding and marketing agency offering consulting and executive coaching for experts, speakers, coaches and authors.
Her signature course “Brand Story Marketing” and her Facebook Group of the same name, help the modern entrepreneur build their business through a community of support.
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