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Make A Montessori Land and Water Globe

This is an easy addition to make to for your Montessori room although it is a bit time consuming.

Make A Montessori Land and Water Globe

What you need:

  • A cheap globe
  • blue and yellow acrylic paint
  • glitter glue
  • mod podge (or 50/50 water and white glue)
  • paintbrush
First paint the oceans blue, it will probably need two or three layers. Once the oceans are dry, paint the land yellow, it is tricky to get the outline accurate but I wouldn’t worry about it, again you will probably need a couple of layers to hide all the writing underneath. Once all the paint is dry, give it a coating of mod podge, this will help to prevent the paint chipping if the globe gets dropped. Finally, to give the land a rough feel to it, cover the whole land area with yellow or clear glitter glue.

How To Present The Land And Water Globe

  1.  Show the child where the globe is kept on the shelf, pick it up, modeling how to hold it and carry it to the work area.
  2. Tell the child “This is the land and water globe”. Use both hands to feel the globe then invite the child to do the same.
  3. Whilst the child is feeling the globe as the questions “Can you feel the rough area?” and “Can you feel the smooth area?”
  4. Using two fingers, feel the rough area and tell the child “This rough area represents the land.” Invite the child to feel it.
  5. Now do the same but with the smooth area and tell the child “This smooth area represents the water.” Invite the child to feel the water.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with a different area on the globe.
  7. Now ask the child to show you where the land is and then where the water is.
  8. Once the child can answer correctly you can move to the next stage. You touch either the land or water and ask the child to tell you which area you are touching.
  9. Finish by saying “This is a globe of the Earth and on the globe we have both water and land.”
  10. Finally, ask the child to pick up the globe and return it to where it belongs on the shelf.

This activity is to introduce the vocabulary globe, water and land. It also gives the child a sensory impression of the world.


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