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Lynn Daue is A Rock Star Mom

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Lynn Daue is A Rock Star Mom

Lynn Daue

Our Rock Star Mom today is Lynn Daue is a digital & social media consultant serving Maryland and the surrounding areas… read on to meet Lynn.

Tell Us About Yourself and You Family

I live in Maryland with my husband and our three daughters (10, 5, and 3). In addition to staying at home with them and running my consulting business, I am also a hula dancer (most recently performed at the Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo, HI) and a novelist-in-training (i.e. unpublished and actively working with a writing group).

What Is The Story Behind Your Passion?

I started blogging over a decade ago because I love writing. As I fell deeper into blogging, I also started to play around with custom designs—I like pretty websites, and damned if I was going to have one I wasn’t proud of! Custom blogs led to building websites, and, of course, self-marketing through social media.

I was still locked in on the idea of being a writer, and started attending writing conferences. To my surprise, other attendees sought me out at these events to discuss their website and social media issues. I realized that, while there’s plenty of information online and web-based training programs, there’s a dearth of hands-on help. I wanted to fill that void.

What Makes You A Rock Star Mom?

I can fly! Nah, just kidding.

What has been the most difficult thing for you, running a biz and a family?

The most difficult thing about running a business and running a family is striking the balance that works for everyone. Specifically, I have a hard time with scraping out time to see clients and making sure my children have someone to watch them!

I’ve overcome this barrier by setting non-negotiable working hours, even if it means not being able to help everyone who asks. My husband, God bless him, is a huge help too—he works from home as his schedule allows so I can see clients. He’s also taken on a larger portion of the household chores, especially when I’m in a busy period.




How Do You Get Out Of A Funk?

I go for walks around my neighborhood. Sometimes just a 10-minute jaunt is all I need. I also allow myself to be in a bad mood. Often, once the emotion has run its course, I’m fine, but if I bottle it up, it multiplies!

What Is Your Favourite Self Care Ritual?

My absolute favorite self-care ritual is a dolce far niente, or a delicious idleness. I sit in my favorite chair with a blanket and just sit. I ponder the state of the world, my business, whatever happens to come to mind.

How Do You Handle Child Care?

I get the bulk of my work done when my older two are in school (all day for my oldest, three afternoons a week for my middle child) and my youngest naps. If I have to see clients, I coordinate with my husband or hire a sitter. I also had a manny (male nanny) up until recently, which was a HUGE help. I have to find another of those!

Your Kick Ass Words Of Wisdom

I wish that someone had told me that you can’t have it all … at once. When your children are young, they demand a high level of care. When they get older, they require less hands-on involvement. There’s a season to everything—your business and life are no different.

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