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Mom That Rocks Lisa Nolan

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Mom That Rocks Lisa Nolan

I’m super excited about this weeks podcast. I’m interviewing the delightful Lisa Nolan, who is a multi-passionate mom. She’s a writer, a Montessorian, a publisher and one of those moms that you just want to be friends with!

Neither of us can actually remember where and when we met apart from it being a long time ago and in the Montessori circles. Lisa talks candidly about her life and the many projects she juggles plus about the ups and downs of raising a child with Down Syndrome.
Today’s show is quite a bit longer than usual, so pull pop the kettle on and make yourself comfy!
Lisa’s latest book is Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness: Funny Stories by Sleepy Moms
Mom lit parent humour anthology featuring top mom bloggers and writers on the Internet!
This is the perfect book to dip in and out off, the stories will bring tears to your eyes, sometimes in sympathy and sometimes because you have been there and sometimes because they are just so darn funny! It’s also a great way to discover bloggers that have a writing style that you enjoy, just in case you can’t get enough from the book alone.
Lisa Nolan is a writer, an educator, and a publisher (and a mom). She blogs about Montessori and writes mom lit and memoir. Lisa lives on Norther California and is the proud owner of an accidental watermelon patch.
You can find Lisa over at and all her Montessori goodness is shared at Confessions Of A Montessori Mom


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  1. RB Fast says:

    I’m posting this to my Montessori consulting business facebook page!

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