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Kaizen For Home – For A Place You Love To Be


As any clients that I have worked with with tell you, I am a BIG, as in number 1, all in, completely over the top fan of… baby steps! And this includes using kaizen for home too.

You may or may not know the term kaizen from the manufacturing world, Toyota made the system famous back in the day. But the term kaizen just means improve, therefore we don’t have to use it just in the manufacturing world, we can slap the kaizen method on everything and anything! Joy!


But what does that look like in the home?


Well home improvement has been around since probably the caveman days so it’s not a new idea at all. And home improvement usually conjures up images of a bloke with a mug of tea and a Black and Decker work bench, but it doesn’t have to be. Using tiny kaizen steps we can make improvements to our home without having to crack open the tool kit or find a bloke with a Black and Decker work bench!

Let’s start with the kitchen. During one of my Kitchen Bootcamps (runs every March, don’t miss it) I suggested that the participants stop and actually think about how they are using the kitchen, is everything in the most convenient and sensible place?

One of the participants, Anne, emailed me to tell me how excited she was after moving her saucepans! When she had moved into the house, they had just put things away willy-nilly and not really thought about it but EVERY time she went to get a saucepan out, she had a battle with the cupboard. The solution was simple, just swap the saucepans for another cupboard and her life from that day on has been all roses and glitter bombs. OK – not really but cooking has become a more pleasant experience just because she isn’t fighting with the saucepan cupboard, and she had been doing that for years!

One simple tweak and instant improvement, a kaizen move at it’s finest.

Of course there are many examples like this, moving a piece of furniture so you no longer stub your toe getting out of bed. Throwing out old towels so that you don’t get swamped in an avalanche every time you open the airing cupboard. Putting up some hooks to hang your keys on so that you stop misplacing them. Buying a bookend so that your kids books don’t keep falling over.


It’s So Obvious Why Don’t We Do It?


Great question Sherlock! Most of the time we just get used to the situation, yes it annoys us but not to the point where you want to rip something off the wall and throw it through the nearest window, it’s just that aghhh again! type of annoyance. And because it’s not THAT annoying, we don’t do anything about it.

The trick is to STOP. Stop and notice the problem and fix it. If it can’t be fixed there and then, put a date on it. Make a promise to yourself that you will deal with  it at the weekend for example. Soon, once you start fixing all this little niggles and you use kaizen for home on a regular basis you will notice that you are happier, less grumpy, less stressed. You don’t lose your temper at the kids quite so often, it’s a small but significant knock-on effect.

I use the kaizen framework or baby steps as you will have heard me say in all my programs. The whole of the Clear The Clutter Program is built on the principle, taking baby steps to declutter the home and to break those habits that bring clutter in!


How Can I Start Today?


By being more mindful and more aware of what is going on around you. When do you get annoyed and why? What frustrates you and why? When do your kids get annoyed and why? You get the picture! Need more ideas CLICK HERE


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