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Can we talk about this work-life balance thing for a minute?

Doesn’t it sound hard?

Why are us moms trying balance anything – other than a stack of Jenga blocks. Seriously, we already have the hardest job in the world then society tells us we need to be balancing better!

It’s BS. I don’t believe in it, I have enough on my plate without work-life balance stuff too and society can take a hike, it’s one more mama guilt trip I can live without.

let me introduce you to the kinder, easier way…

Work – Life Flow

It even sounds more blissful! And once you have the mindset of flow instead of balance, all the housey stuff becomes easier.

Couple that with time saving hacks to use around the home and you will find yourself with extra pockets of time here and there. And they all add up.

Saving just 10 minutes three times a day doesn’t sound like much but when you think that is actually half an hour you have just gained… you’ll want more!

Running a home isn’t sexy and for most women, it’s not something they really dreamed of wanting to do when we grow up, I certainly didn’t! If you are like many of the moms I work with you probably feel frustrated, annoyed and resentful about the housework.

You are not alone!

One of the biggest stress relievers for me was decluttering and getting the junk out and when friends saw what I had done, they wanted to know how too which is when Clear The Clutter was born. It’s not all about the decluttering, the most important part is about the mindset.

Unfortunately, the reality is that most of us have to suck it up and deal with it. being a totally lazy housewife who wants to spend the least about of time doing house-wifey jobs, I have lots of tips and hacks on how to do it the lazy/easy way! From time saving kitchen hacks to organizing school papers.


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