12 Chrome Extensions For Entrepreneurs

I am a big Chrome fan, there I said it and no, I’m not ashamed. One of the things I love about Chrome is the huge array of fabulous extensions available. If you follow me on social media, you know I share these often but I thought it was about time I put my favourites into a list, I have tried and tested a lot of extensions and these are my top 12 chrome extensions for entrepreneurs and bloggers.

But Why Use Them?

For the main part, they are shortcuts and time savers.

Being a busy mom who works with other busy moms, anything that saves me time is a big plus in my book. And being a productivity nerd and up for applying kaizen techniques to every aspect of my life, of course, I have to have them! All of them, I want them all. But then my inner minimalist kicks in and I get all sensible and just keep the ones that actually work.

There are some extensions that I used to use a lot but they fell out of favour for one reason or another. And there are some that I tried and realised I never really used so I gave them the boot too. The ones listed are on the “keepers” list, I like to think of them as my BFFs in the Chrome gang. I’ve been hanging out with them for a good chunk of time and not run into any issues with them.


A little disclaimer here, some of the following links may be affiliate links, that means that I get a small percentage of the sale at no cost to you if you decide to purchase something through the link. 


These are not in order of preference, consider them all joint first place, yes I am that bad at making decisions and I love them all equally!


12 Chrome Extensions For Entrepreneurs and Bloggers to boost productivity and save more time #kaizen #productivity #blogger #mompreneur


I totally love loom, it is a screen recorder that streams straight to the cloud, so no faffing around downloading and uploading. How much time does that little nugget save just there? No more spinning beach ball of doom!

You can record yourself, the whole screen, the window you have open or a combo of the screen and yourself.

Since discovering Loom I use it almost daily making instructional videos, sending feedback to students, doing reviews… AND you can use Loom directly inside gmail, I’m telling you, when you have got things to do, laundry to fold, kids to feed, being able to hop on and do a quick 2-minute video rather than writing out a long email, this is just BRILLIANT!

Loom is a growing company so they are adding new features on a regular basis and it’s FREE!

Get Loom Here



Question… do you have 17 windows open and 6749035 tabs in fear that you might lose a page you need?

Yes, me too. Until recently that is…

Drum roll please for Toby!

You set Toby up with Collections, you can name your collection anything you like. Then you simply add the pages or sites to the collection. For example, I have:

KR Launch: This is a collection of all the pages I need during my Kaizen Revolution Membership site launch

Affiliates: This is a collection of all the affiliate sites I am signed up for so I can quickly dip in and grab a link or check their T&C before posting or whatever.

Accounts: All the sites I need for my book-keeping

Ebi-kun Eats: This is actually for my son, all the sites he uses for his Ebi-kun Eats YouTube channel

I also use it for short-term projects that I’m working on then when the project is over I delete the collection.

Other extra features, you can add notes, open all the tabs and close all the tabs. No more worrying about losing a page. Toby has saved me so much time and helps my Mac run faster because I don’t have sixty-squillions tabs open at once!


Get Toby HERE

This is how to use Toby and the video was recorded on Loom…





I have TWO for this, I know, some of us just can’t get enough of Pinterest! I used to just use Pinterest to pin all of the brilliant crafts and recipes that I would make someday, yeah, we all know how that story goes. But in the last 18 months, I have been working on it as a marketing tool and it’s fantastic. Now I have a good amount of success with it I will be adding training on it into the Kaizen Revolution, free traffic – that’s exactly what entrepreneurs and bloggers need!

First up is the native Pinterest pinlet. I use this when I spot something online that I want to pin immediately. It’s as simple as clicking the button, choosing the image, adding the board and done. Since Pinterest is a huge driver of traffic I highly recommend these chrome extensions for entrepreneurs and bloggers alike.

Pinterest Pinlet HERE

That is all good and well but sometimes I want to add pins to my scheduler, Tailwind so that they can be scheduled and released to my boards at optimum times.

Tailwind is a paid service, you can try it for a month for free to see how you like it first. My traffic shot up when I started using Tailwind, not just scheduling but getting to grips with tribe and group boards too. And Pinterest is a long-term game, it can be months down the line and suddenly a pin will pick up wind and you’re off…

The tailwind chrome extension works in the same way as the Pinterest native one except you get to schedule the pin to go out in the future.

Sign Up For Tailwind Here (get the first month free)



I got Stencil in a special lifetime deal last year and it is hands down, the most used app I own. It’s like canva but on steroids!
Over 1 million FREE stock images and icons, templates, resizing, far more fonts than Canva and far less glitchy! I use it to make all my social media posters and artwork.

You can open Stencil in a regular window or as you are browsing and feel inspired to knock up a quick tweet poster, click the chrome extension and it opens stencil in a floating window in your open tab. You do your creative thing, download your new piece of artwork, close the window and carry on browsing.

Get Stencil Here

stencil app - Chrome Extensions For Entrepreneurs #chrome #kaizen #extension #stencilapp


This is a handy one to have, when you are floating around on the internet and you come across an article you’d like to read later or save so you can share it with your clients/tribe or just want to bookmark so you can go back to it. You know what it’s like when you are down at the park, the kids are occupied so you grab a few minutes of Facebook scrolling or you are just digging into a juicy article when world war three breaks out but you really want to read the article. Just pop it in your pocket!

You can favourite articles and add tags to find them again easily.

I use this in two ways.

  1. Firstly I save things that I want to either read later or it’s classed as research, maybe something I want to quote in a blog post or include in my trainings.
  2. Articles that I want to share with my tribe. Sometimes I will share straight away but other times I will save it to pop into the scheduler at a later date. I use Social Bee to schedule my social media and it pulls the pocket content through. I have it set up so all I have to do is give it the OK or add a bit of text/context before it goes in the queue.

Get Pocket Here




I would have gone completely and utterly bonkers by now if it wasn’t for LastPass. Back in the day, I could reel off at least twenty different friends and family members phone numbers, these days I’m lucky if I can remember my own and then we are expected to use a different password for every site and remember them all! As if!!

In a LastPass nutshell, it remembers all your passwords for you. It will autofill your login details and you can keep other secure info in there too. It also works across devices and you can safely share login info with your VA without giving them your own login credentials.

I also love how you can organize everything and file things properly, my inner organizer loves anything like that!

Is it safe?
I believe so, it is in their best interest to have everything locked down and as safe as possible. I’ll take my chances that it’s safer than having the scribbled down in the back of a random notebook.

A word of warning, it takes a bit of getting used to. I felt at first that it wasn’t saving the info properly but it turned out to be user error. But the biggest warning is that YOU MUST KEEP YOUR MASTER PASSWORD SAFE. I got locked out, of course, couldn’t remember what my master password was and couldn’t get back in. There is no password reset (for security reasons). I did get in because I cheekily managed to get access via my laptop *phew* lesson learned.

The basics are free but it’s not expensive to upgrade. I do use the paid version and have been very happy with it.

Get LastPass Here



Momentum is great for keeping you focused on the big job of the day. As you know I am a big fan of the kaizen goals hit-list (grab the kaizen goals setting cheat sheet here). I usually write my hitlist at night and the pop the biggest job of the day into Momentum as the focus of the day and write all three hitlist items in the todo list, which you can open and close in the bottom right of the screen.

You get a beautiful image each day, which yes, does give me itchy feet sometimes! You also get a quote, the time and the weather!


Use momentum to keep your focus on your hit list - Chrome Extensions For Entrepreneurs


Get Momentum Here


Video Speed Controller

This is an absolute must if you often watch videos whether, for training or courses, this saves me a truckload of time (can you see the repeating pattern here?) and is my secret weapon for getting through courses so quickly and we all know how much of an e-course junkie I am, can’t stop this gal from learning! I wish this had been around when my boy was little and I was trying to study, it would have made getting through the coursework much quicker and easier, trying to do it around naptime and the such.

Get Video Speed Controller HERE



OK, I don’t actually use this, I tried it but because I am often popping into Facebook for work-related stuff it ended up just being annoying. I am pretty good at turning Facebook off when I don’t need it but if the wicked facebook beckons you to start the endless procrati-scroll then this is worth installing. Or any other site you end up getting sucked into when you should be writing that sales page or blog post! It might also be handy for setting restrictions on screen time if you have kids that are not good at self-regulation.

Once you set it up it restricts the amount of time you can spend on your time sicking websites, it’s really versatile allowing you to block full sites or just specific pages.

Get Newsfeed Eradicator HERE


Facebook Pixel Helper

I am no fan of Facebook Ads, I know most of the world out there think they are the best thing since sliced bread, but I’d rather have an unsliced ciabatta thank you very much!

That said… if you run any kind of online business there is a possibility that you will try your hand at Facebook ads at some stage. Ads are cheaper if they are running to a warm audience, yes to those that have already visited your site! This extension checks that your pixel is working.

You will still need to go into the Facebook business manager and set up your pixel, which I recommend that you do and then add the pixel helper. This means that everyone that visits your site will be tracked so even if you don’t plan to run ads right now, they are tagged for the future.

Get Facebook Pixel Helper HERE


Evernote Clipper

I use Evernote for grabbing great sales copy, useful research pieces, content that I want to refer back, love notes from my fans to etc.

For articles, I might save it to pocket initially and then when I have had time to read it if I decide I’d like to keep it I pop it in Evernote. I found when I saved things straight to Evernote, they never saw the light of day again, this new system works so much better and helps me to keep Evernote systemized or uncluttered.

I do have the paid version now, to be honest other than the amount of data you can use per month I don’t really use the other functions.

Get The Evernote Clipper HERE




Last but not least. If your spelling and grammar sucks and much as mine (although I like blaming it on my clumsy tying skills!) then Grammarly is going to take your writing up a notch!

Wherever you are typing, Grammarly will keep an eye on things and underline in red anything that is a bit dodgy. I tend to type the whole paragraph and then go and fix things up because otherwise, I lose my train of thought. Plus, like I said I am a clumsy typist and don’t do a great job if I’m not looking at the keyboard. If there is one thing I wish I was taught at school, it would be touch typing!

There is a paid version but I haven’t used it.

Get Grammarly HERE


Adding and Deleting Extensions

Super easy to add one, click on the relevant link, some will take you straight to the chrome page, some to the app’s website. Either way, when you click to download it will open up a window and in the top right there will be a button with “ADD TO CHROME”. Depending on the app you might get a pop up explaining what it can do, from there you can cancel or add the extension.

Some of the extensions will require to sign in or make an account with the app.

A word of warning… these little extensions can get quite addictive and sometimes you might notice your browser getting really slow. If that is the case disable them one by one until you find the culprit and only keep the ones you use all the time active.

To delete or remove an extension click the three little dots in the top right then more tools and extensions, from there you can either remove them from your chrome browser or delete completely.


chrome extension delting


I hope these are as useful for you as they are for me! And if you have any extensions that you can’t live without, please let me know, I love testing out new ones!


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12 Chrome Extensions For Entrepreneurs and Bloggers to boost productivity and save more time #kaizen #productivity #blogger #mompreneur“>
12 Chrome Extensions For Entrepreneurs and Bloggers to boost productivity and save more time #kaizen #productivity #blogger #mompreneur“>
12 Chrome Extensions For Entrepreneurs and Bloggers to boost productivity and save more time #kaizen #productivity #blogger #mompreneur“>