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Raising Curious Kids

Raising curious kids is part two of the mini-series on Family Core Values. In part one that you can read here, I explained how it’s important to have core values for your family just as it is for your business. As it so happens, as I work on setting up my new project 193mysteries, our […]

What Are Your Family Core Values?

As I have been working on my new project (more of that soon), I have been thinking about family core values a lot. Partly from a business point of view but also from a personal one. The funny thing is, with the new project the core values for that are exactly the same as our […]

How To Homeschool And Work From Home

How To Homeschool And Work From Home AKA Resources To Survive School Lockdown   *UPDATED March 2020 If you have arrived here because you and your kids are on lockdown, welcome! I wish we were ‘meeting’ under better circumstances. About me, I not only homeschool but work from home by helping other moms set up […]

10 Good Things About Corona Virus

happy kids

First things first, it sounds crazy to be talking about good things about Corona Virus. You are right. This Corona Virus sucks, it’s horrible for anyone who gets it. Scary for anyone who is on the vulnerable list and a royal PITA for businesses, travellers, parents and anyone in between. Although most of our kids […]

50 Easy Fine Motor Skills Activities To Do At Home

50 Fine Motor Skill Activities To Do At Home - help your child strengthen their pincer muscles to prepare for writing. | Montessori | fine motor skills | homeschool | Preparing to write | pincer muscles |

These are the type of activities that hone your child’s pincer gripe so that they can hold a pencil properly and also help with hand and eye co-ordination. Recent research on kindergarten fine motors kills and executive function had findings indicating that both fine motor skills and executive function measured at kindergarten entry predicted growth […]

The Importance Of The Child’s Environment

happy child smiling with chin in their hands

Why is it when kids come along our once beautifully styled home ends up looking like Toys R Us on steroids? And it’s funny that with the first child we tend to fuss over the child’s environment, making sure the nursery is “just so”. It’s a big event and of course, we want our newest […]


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