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5 Ways To Find Mommy Time

5 Ways To Find Mommy Time | take time to do things for yourself, you have to look after yourself first | #kaizen #metime #pamper #mompreneur

5 Ways To Find Mommy Time even if you have no time, help or money I am sure you can relate when you have one of those days when all that you want it 10 minutes of peace, 10 minutes of mommy time. You would have thought that a mere 10 minutes out of 1440 in […]

How Susan Made $1234 From Decluttering

How Susan Made $1234 From Decluttering Her House | declutter | organizing | closet decluttering | #kaizen #declutter #organize

How Susan Made $1234 From Decluttering One of the things I help busy moms do (and in this case grandmas) is decluttering their home so that keeping the home is EASY because who needs to be fighting with the kids, the husband and the house! No one, that’s who! Today I wanted to share Susan’s […]

Fridge 101: Fridge Organization Kaizen Style

Fridge 101: Fridge Organization Kaizen Style | organized kitchen | declutter fridge | how to save food and money | how to organize your fridge |

Fridge 101: Fridge Organization Kaizen Style . When I started researching fridge organization, I wanted science backed info for this guide. First thing I did was to hit up The Google but that was sending me down all kinds of rabbit holes and all I was getting was a load of conflicting information. . Should fridge 101 AKA […]

Pre-Christmas Clean Out For Busy Moms

How to de-clutter your kids rooms ready for the holidays, make more space and some money too! | declutter | clutter free | organized kids room | kaizen hacks |

Pre-Holiday De-Clutter Have you started yet? As the holidays close in, it is time to give the kids closets and toy cupboards a bit of a pre-holiday de-clutter. Actually, it’s the PERFECT time to do this. That and just before their birthday and if you happen to have a Christmas baby, well done, you only need […]

Why Working Moms Should Not Invest In A Cleaner

Why Working Moms Should Not Invest In A Cleaner - or more to the point, what are the blocks that are stopping you from investing. | productivity | working moms | home help | cleaner |

Why Working Moms Should Not Invest In A Cleaner It has taken me a long time to get here, having a cleaner has been on my wishlist for what feels like for-ever! I seriously detest cleaning, the laundry I don’t mind (I don’t iron though unless absolutely necessary). Cooking I have no problems with, organizing […]

Simplify Your Life #4 – Wrap up

Simplify Your Life #4 Wrap Up

 Often we get caught up in the everyday humdrum of life and we stop thinking about what we are actually doing. This can when done properly make your life easier, as the decision process is totally bypassed BUT it can also mean that you are missing cues that something needs to change. Listen to the […]

Simplify Your Life #2 – Kitchen

Simplify Your Life #2 - Kitchen. Easy tweaks, tricks and hacks to make your life easier, this week focusing on the kitchen | simplify | kitchen hacks | time saving tips | kaizen for home |

Simplify Your Life #2 – Kitchen Did you know that decluttering your kitchen can actually increase the amount of money coming into your life and help you lose weight? According to the laws of Feng shui, the kitchen is connected to wealth and so have a clean and organized kitchen is connected to your finances […]

Are You A Chronic Yo-Yo De-clutterer?


Are You A Chronic Yo-Yo De-clutterer? STUFF. We all have it and most of us have too much of it. Not only is there our personal stuff but there is the partners and kids stuff too, even pets have a collection of stuff! We get rid of clutter and then suddenly the house is full of […]


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