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Carin Kilby Clark is A Rock Star Mom

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Carin Kilby Clark is A Rock Star Mom

Carin Kilby Clark is a mother of three, author of the blog and forthcoming book Memoirs of a Clueless Woman, and creator of The Mommyhood Mentor

Tell Us About Yourself and You Family

I’m a mother of three – ages 16, 11, & 7 – boy/girl/boy. In addition to being mama, I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur, writer, opinionated foodie, movie lover, and social change agent living in the Washington, DC Metro Area.

What Is The Story Behind Your Passion?

As The Mommyhood Mentor, I do what I do because I passionately believe that all mamas should be brimming with joy each and every day. A lifetime is over in the blink of an eye and it breaks my heart that there are so many moms in the world that are unhappy day after day.

What Makes You A Rock Star Mom?

My superpower is joy. I’m literally the happiest person that I know. I constantly receive compliments for always being in a good mood, smiling, and seeing the bright side. Some think I’m annoying and I’ve been called delusional. But, makes me no difference – I continue on with my joy-filled heart and try to rub a little happiness off on all those that I come into contact with.

What has been the most difficult thing for you, running a biz and a family?

The most difficult thing for me has been to manage my energy. Not my time, I’m great at that. But my energy. I work full-time as an analyst and am a single parent. So, I sometimes feel worn out at the end of the day and still need to bring a high level of energy to my interactions with my kids. I don’t want to ever give them the leftover me. I always strive to bring them the best me. To work around this, I slowed down. Really slow. And although my business is growing at a snail’s pace, it’s an appropriate trade-off in order to be fully available to my children.


How Do You Get Out Of A Funk?

Beyonce! I put on my favorite Beyonce playlist and dance around the living room (and we have no blinds… so the neighbors are either thanking me for a great show, or cursing me for the horrid dance moves… haha). I grab the kids and start kissing them – this is especially fun with the teen who wants no part of mommy’s incessant kisses. I play a round of Just Dance with my daughter (who also takes dance so she thinks she can beat me and… well… most of the time she does. Lol). Basically, I have some fun with my family and then I’m back to joy again.

What Is Your Favourite Self Care Ritual?

I love to take bubble baths and to also meditate. I spend time in quiet – listening to myself and the mental chatter that’s always going on. I write in my journal and read some of my favorite books, such as The Desire Map, Miracles Now, and Thrive. I can never get enough of these excellent self-care resources.

How Do You Handle Child Care?

The kids are all in school and have activities after school. When they are home, I work around them. And with them. They are actually quite helpful when I’m writing articles, blog posts, or a chapter in my forthcoming book – which are dealing with various parenting and motherhood topics.

Your Kick Ass Words Of Wisdom

Be mindful! I wish I had spent more time cultivating mindfulness when I was younger. To live fully present in every moment and to truly take it all in. To experience life and not just exist. It’s the absolutely best gift you can give yourself.


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3 Responses to "Carin Kilby Clark is A Rock Star Mom"
  1. Great getting to know you! You have a beautiful family!

  2. Jo Ebisujima says:

    well, you inspired me so there is a good start! Thank you for sharing, I love hearing everyone else's story 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for featuring me! I really appreciate the opportunity to share my story with other moms. Hopefully inspired at least one person 🙂

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