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Book Giving Day podcast Interview with Kristi Kremers

Book Giving Day podcast Interview with
Kristi Kremers

It doesn’t feel like a year since I sat here recording the first interview with Kristi Kremers, she had just released her first book “Who Is A Leader”. Twelve months later and books number 4 and 5 are on their way. Join me in todays podcast to find out what Kristi has been up to recently for my International Book Giving Day podcast Interviews!
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Kristi believes that It’s not only that literacy is important, but creating memories and instilling values through quality real-time experiences is more important than ever in our busy digital age. Kids crave connection. Adults do too. Reading with and to children makes us all better people, and creates the groundwork for a better world.
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Kristi Kremers has been teaching at colleges and universities for the past decade. Her primary research interests include: emotional intelligence, ethics, neuroleadership, applied mindfulness in leadership, and how organizations can adapt an anthropological approach to creating culture and community.

She is an E-RYT 500 yoga teacher and the best-selling author of three children’s books with more books for kids and adults on the way!

She created Lead to Love- a small publishing company as a way to create tools and resources for families and teachers to instill both a love for leadership, and a mindset to lead with love in children.

For more info on Lead to Love, visit:

Listen To The Book Giving Day Special Podcast Series – Kristi Kremers

Find More About Kristi Kremers and her books

YouAreMadeOfStars by Kristi Kremers

You Are Made of Stars is a story about all of the phases of life and the cosmos: birth, death and the importance of living out our star power during our time on earth. Filled with adorable illustrations and discussion guides, You Are Made of Stars will help guide conversations on life, leadership and what matters most. The book features leadership profiles of Einstein, the Dalia Lama, Tina Turner, and Richard Branson.

Lead to Love books all feature discussion guides for families and classrooms that can be used with multiple age groups.
All of Kristi’s books are available from Amazon.

Listen to my last interview with Kristi here.

Connect over at:
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