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book giving day giveaway

Book Giving Day GIVEAWAY

Book Giving Day Giveaway!

February 14th is International Book Giving Day and to celebrate this year we have 14 author signed books to give away! If you are getting involved yourself then use the #bookgivingday and tag me or any of the book giving day team members so we can share what you are up to.
Find out how you can get involved over at and enter the giveaway here at the bottom of the post!

Book Giving Day GIVEAWAY

All These Amazing Books Need To Be Won…

There will be ONE winner per book. Entry form is at the bottom!

14 books which means 14 winners, all winning one book (that way more kids get a new book!)

a little girls wish
A Little Girl’s Wish by Laura Angelina (signed copy)
A Little Girl’s Wish encourages you set your imagination free. It’s a book about friendship, dreaming, believing, not giving up and persevering. If you are a good boy or girl and you really want something with all your heart, your wish may come true.
Authors website :: Buy The Book
a very squeaky mystery
A Very Squeaky Mystery by Laura Angelina & Randy Williamson (signed copy)
A Very Squeaky Mystery tells the story of the summer vacation of two curious twins, Kevin and Scott. Learn about their creative strategies to solve the mystery of the cabin in the mountains. What is making that squeaky noise? And why are things disappearing from the kitchen? That’s what the twins are going to find out!
Authors website :: Buy The Book
J-Boys, Kazuo’s World, Tokyo 1965 by Shogo Oketani (signed copy)
It is the mid-1960s, just after the Japan Olympics, and nine-year-old Kazuo dreams of being a track star. Obsessed with American sprinter Bob Hayes, TV, and tasting a real hamburger, Kazuo also bathes in public baths, buys tofu for his family, and looks forward to flying New Year’s kites in his Tokyo neighborhood. But Kazuo’s world is changing. This bittersweet novel is a touching portrait of a year in a boy’s life in a land and time far away, filled with universal concerns about fitting in, escaping the past (World War II’s lingering devastation), and growing up. (Translated into English by Avery Fisher Udagawa)
Authors website :: Buy The Book
up from the sea
Up from the Sea by Leza Lowitz (signed copy)
Kai (17) lives with his mother and grandparents in a small Japanese coastal village, does his homework (most of the time), and keeps to himself. Before his dad left, he dreamed of playing soccer in the World Cup. Life on the coast is pretty ordinary until a huge quake and tsunami hit one spring afternoon, wiping out the village. Kai manages to survive, but his family doesn’t. Now he’s really alone. Setting out to find his father, he decides to leave the village behind for good. But when his search is a disappointment and a local organizer offers to send him to New York to meet kids who’ve lost family in 9-11, Kai realizes the only way to make something good come out of the disaster is to stay and help rebuild the town. By rekindling his childhood dream of playing soccer and starting up a local team, Kai begins to make his shattered world whole again. Heartrending yet hopeful, “Up from the Sea” is a story about loss, survival, and starting anew.
Authors website :: Buy The Book
Jet Black and the Ninja Wind
Jet Black & the Ninja Wind by Leza Lowitz & Shogo Oketani (signed copy)
Jet Black is a ninja. The last living female ninja in the world, to be exact. There’s only one problem–she doesn’t know it. Everyone else does, and they all want to capture her and uncover her secret-–a secret she doesn’t even know she has. When her mother dies, 17-year old Jet must go to Japan to protect a hidden family treasure in her ancestral land. Though terrified of her mission, if she doesn’t fight to protect her world, who will? Stalked by bounty hunters and completely in love with the one man sent to hunt her down, Jet’s powers must be strong enough to find the treasure, protect her family, and save the sacred treasure from destruction. Dog-Lover Bonus: Ninja Dog helps save the day!
Authors website :: Buy The Book
you are made of stars
You Are Made of Stars: Why life and leadership is about shining your light by Kristi Kremers (signed copy)
You Are Made of Stars is a story about all of the phases of life and the cosmos: birth, death and the importance of living out our star power during our time on earth. Filled with adorable illustrations and discussion guides, You Are Made of Stars will help guide conversations on life, leadership and what matters most. The book features leadership profiles of Einstein, the Dalia Lama, Tina Turner, and Richard Branson. Lead to Love books all feature discussion guides for families and classrooms that can be used with multiple age groups.
Authors website
AS LUVAS MÁGICAS DO PAPAI NOEL {Santa Claus´ magical gloves} by Gisele Federizzi Barcellos (signed copy)

(in Portuguese)

The story shows gloves with special super powers. Whom ever uses these gloves learns Sign language . The first to learn is Santa himself, then some children to help a deaf kid. These gloves have one simples rule: you must always pass on the gloves, after learning, so that others can learn, too.

Authors website

fly catcher boy
Fly Catcher Boy by Rebecca Kool (signed copy)
Alone during a thunderstorm one night, Kenji is startled by a noise outside. He opens the door slowly and finds a wet, miserable cat on the doorstep. Kenji brings him inside to warmth and safety. After introductions to his grandmother the next morning, Kenji and his new friend set off on adventures in their small Japanese town. Fly Catcher Boy has a pronunciation glossary so readers can learn to pronounce over 50 Japanese words. This book is also available in digital format through iTunes, with a “read it to me” feature.
Authors website :: Buy The Book
99 Fun Facts SNOW-
99 Fun Facts SNOW: by Jo Ebisujima (signed copy)

99 Fun Facts about snow is exactly that. Ice Stein the Snowman shares all his snowy knowledge and what he doesn’t know about snow really isn’t worth knowing! Why This Book Is Good For Your Kids…

+ Kids love bite sized bits of information (especially if they can regurgitate it to their parents at a later date

+ Regurgitating or recalling information is great for memory retention

+ It doesn’t have to be read cover to cover, just dip in and out – great for reluctant readers!

+ Many of the facts make for a great jumping pad into subject such as global warming and ecology

+ Bite sized pieces of information is easier to digest and retain This is also a great book for parents who’d like to out-fact their kids, (yes, there are some folk out there who are like that); for anyone into pub quizzes or people who like learning trivia so they can out-smart their friends!

Authors website :: Buy The Book

Amanda Lester and the Pink Sugar Conspiracy
Amanda Lester and the Pink Sugar Conspiracy by Paula Berinstein (signed copy)
A reluctant detective, a criminal mastermind, and . . . sugar?
Amanda Lester wouldn’t be caught dead going into the family business. Her ancestor, Sherlock Holmes’s colleague Inspector G. Lestrade, is a twit.
Nevertheless her parents refuse to see his flaws, and she’s going to a secret English school for the descendants of famous detectives whether she likes it or not.
When Amanda arrives at the dreaded school, she considers running away—until she and her new friends discover blood and weird pink substances in odd places. At first they’re not sure whether these oddities mean anything, but when Amanda’s father disappears and the cook is found dead with her head in a bag of sugar, they’re certain that crimes are taking place.
Now Amanda must embrace her destiny and uncover the truth. The only snag is that arch-villain Blixus Moriarty, a descendant of Holmes’s nemesis Professor James Moriarty, might be involved, and he doesn’t like nosy little girls interfering in his business.
Authors website :: Buy The Book
monsters inside
The Monsters Inside by Belinda O’Brien (signed copy)
Do you have monsters inside you? Jack does. They always want to come out whenever he gets angry or upset. What can Jack do to stop his monsters from ruining his day? Featuring rhyming verse and fantastic illustrations, The Monsters Inside will help your little monsters to manage their big feelings.
Authors website :: Buy The Book
sleepy magic
Sleepy Magic by Danielle Wright (signed copy)
Sleepy Magic is a step-by-step special bedtime ritual can helps children settle easily into a calm and loving state, teach them inner harmony and gratitude and the invaluable lesson of what you focus on grows. It gives parents and caregivers tools to help their kids become calm, connected and conscious children. Sleepy Magic strengthen relationships and creates a loving, safe space while nurturing stillness and inner harmony. It’s a unique way to boost childrens self-worth, helps them sleep better and let’s parents reclaim their evening.
Authors website :: Buy The Book
the language inside
The Language Inside by Holly Thompson (signed copy)
Emma Karas was raised in Japan; it’s the country she calls home. But when her mother is diagnosed with breast cancer, Emma’s family moves to a town outside Lowell, Massachusetts to stay with her grandmother while her mom undergoes treatment. Emma feels out of place in the United States, begins to have migraines, and longs to be back in Japan. At her grandmother’s urging, she volunteers in a long-term care center to help Zena, a patient with locked-in syndrome, write down her poems. There, Emma meets Samnang, another volunteer, who assists elderly Cambodian refugees. Weekly visits to the care center, Zena’s poems, dance, and noodle soup bring Emma and Samnang closer, until Emma must make a painful choice: stay in Massachusetts, or return early to Japan. The Language Inside is a verse novel rich in language both spoken and unspoken and poetry that crosses boundaries to create a story layered with love, loss, movement and words.
Authors website :: Buy The Book
animals in my hair
Animals In My Hair by Mili Fay
Animals In My Hair is a story about a little boy who goes for his first haircut. At the barbershop he discovers endangered animals hiding in his hair! Through observation and visual puzzles readers will learn numbers, colours, and lesser-known endangered species. Then they can visit the special site to receive answers, colouring pages, and more.
Authors website :: Buy The Book
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