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Me Time Challenge – Day #5

me time challenge 5 move

My heart was pounding, I gulped in lung fulls of fresh air, the sweet taste of sweat and beer mingled with cigarettes, lingered on my tongue. My t-shirt was damp and sticking to me, sweat ran into my eyes, my legs felt jelly as I staggered down the road, arm in arm with my best […]

Me Time Challenge – Day #4

me time challenge 4 induldge

I invite you to go wild, laugh until your sides near burst. And go play like you’re a child, letting raindrops quench your thirst.  Start a bonfire with drift wood, or sculpt castles made of sand. And pick berries that taste good, or build forts to scout the land. Splash in the creek in bare […]

Me Time Challenge – Day #3

me time challenge 3 mindful (1)

Live in the present “What day is it?” asked Pooh. “It’s today.” squeaked Piglet. “My favourite day.” said Pooh Pooh knows how to live in the present. As busy mamas it is really easy to rush through the day, checking off things on the to-do (and adding more to the bottom). It is easy to […]

Me Time Challenge – Day #2

me time challenge 2 pamper

The muscular, bare-chested hunk… filled up my champagne glass then passed over the box of exquisite designer chocolates, as the masseur, who had done a wonderful job, finished off with a foot rub. I lay back on my lounger and relished the peace and quiet… Suddenly, I woke up with a start and realised I […]

Me Time Challenge – Day #1

me time challenge 1 breathe woman enjoying life

It was a hot summers evening… The crickets were singing and the sweat was gently rolling down the back of my neck… I was grumpy, in a super bad mood and not even ice cold beer could cheer me up. What could have bought on such a sad state of affairs, apart from the obvious, […]

Simplify Your Life #4 – Wrap up

Simplify Your Life #4 Wrap Up

 Often we get caught up in the everyday hum drum of life and we stop thinking about what we are actually doing. This can, when done properly make your life easier, as the decision process is totally bypassed BUT it can also mean that you are missing cues that something needs to change. Listen to […]

Simplify Your Life #3 – Toys

simplify your life #3 toys

Baby proofing is an interesting concept don’t you think? Of course, none of us want our kids to be put in harm’s way and we certainly don’t want to be responsible for our kids getting hurt. But if we go overboard with the childproofing, are we actually doing the child a disservice? A long, long […]

Simplify Your Life #2 – Kitchen

simplify your life kitchen #2 Kitchen

Did you know that decluttering your kitchen can actually increase the amount of money coming into your life and help you lose weight? According to the laws of Feng shui, the kitchen is connected to wealth and so have a clean and organized kitchen is connected to your finances being organized and allows money to […]