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3 Business Lessons Learned From The Blue Lagoon

business lessons from the blue lagoon

I recently took a trip to Iceland, somewhere I have wanted to visit for as long as I can remember. And of course, being “Little Miss Organized” I had to have everything planned out before I left. What I wasn’t expecting was to come away with some great business lessons learned from the Blue Lagoon!


This has changed over the years, when I was footloose and fancy-free I would just pick up a guide book and go, no pre-booking or scouring the internet – or library as it was then! But these days, with a child in tow, I know it is better to be organized than to waste time trying to figure out what to do when we get there.


It’s always more complicated with kids!


The Blue Lagoon, it is one of the places you just have to go to when you visit Iceland and as the tourist industry is increasing at an amazing 25% each year, the place needs to be on the ball.


Pretty much everywhere we went in Iceland was well done and well organized but there were a few things that stood out as a customer at The Blue Lagoon and because I run my own business, I tend to notice these things. Just to be clear, I have had no kickback, payment or sponsorship for this post, The Blue Lagoon don’t even know I’m writing it, but when I see something great, I want to share it!


Getting It Right Step #1 – The Website

Like any savvy traveller, I checked out the website before booking anything. The Blue Lagoons site is lovely, easy to navigate and answered ALL my questions. Their FAQ page is brilliant, it was as if they read my mind and put me at ease before I whipped out my credit card.


Now before you go and check it out, imagine you are a mom (you might not need to imagine that bit!) with a 12-year-old son. Because he is 12 he must use the men’s changing room. My boy was ‘just’ turned 12, we are in a foreign country and the system is new to both of us. Needless to say, as a mom I was a bit worried about how this was all going to play out.


blue lagoon FAQ page


Give your potential customers all the information they need to make an informed decision.


On the website, they explain the system, how it all works and what you need to do before entering the pool. Such as showering before you put on your swimsuit and how the locker key works. One thing I was unsure of is where we would meet once we had both gotten changed, I figured I’d just ask when we got there.


The website also made it clear that you need to pre-book and I got the impression that it would be the busy season when we arrived.


Getting It Right Step #2 – The Arrival


Many visitors to the lagoon are either on their way to or from the airport so they have their luggage with them. The lagoon has this sorted with a larger locker area right next to where the buses drop off and pick up – no need to cart your luggage into the actual lagoon complex. We didn’t have anything but a day bag with us, so this wasn’t an issue for us anyway.


Anticipated your customer’s needs and fill them.


It’s a short walk from the carpark to the entrance and once inside there are barriers set up to deal with the queues, initially those who have booked a more expensive ticket get fast tracked.


What really worked well here were the snippets of information about the lagoon that were posted along the queue barriers, it made for interesting conversation as we waited. As it turned out it wasn’t too busy, we waited maybe 10 minutes to get in.


customers needs (1) jojoebi


As you check in you can order robes or any other extras and your wristband which is also your locker key can be used to buy things too. All of this is explained at the front desk along with the rules about showering before changing and putting conditioner on your hair to protect it.


They make it clear from the offset what is expected from you as the customer and show that they care about your with the tips about hair care and free conditioner.


Getting It Right Step #3 – Above and beyond


This is the part that proved that they nailed it for me. Like I mentioned before, my son is 12 years old so he needs to use the men’s changing room. The staff on the front desk told us to wait a minute or two so that they could get a male member of staff to help my son. As it turned out he had two helpers, one was training!

They took him through the system, showed him where to keep his boots, how to use the locker and the rules about showering then took him through to the pool area and stayed with him until I got through and met him.


As a mom this was a huge worry off my shoulders, Ebi-kun chatted with the guys and said they were both great and because they had explained everything he had no worries about going back to the changing room by himself.


If you check out the FAQ page you’ll also see that they tackle other issues that visitors might have, such as being transgender or disabled.


What I believe they have done here is that every question that comes in, they have figured out an answer and have it up on the website. – If you have your own website and business, you need to do this! Either as a stand alone business or as a section on your sales page. You need to answer potential buyers objection before they click away.


Top Tip!

I recommend here is setting up some canned email responses to your most popular questions, that way you can whizz off a reply in a couple of clicks rather than re-typing it every time.


pin business lessons from the blue lagoon (1)


Getting It Right Step #4 – The Cherry On Top


We did have a bit of an incident whilst we were there. Once we were finished we went to get changed, I expected Ebi-kun to be out by the time I got out but he came down a few minute later, minus his boots!


He couldn’t find them! Of course, all the worst scenarios were running through my head, someone had taken them by mistake, someone had stolen them etc. etc. We went to the desk to explain what had happened. She called a male member of staff to go and have a look with Ebi-kun, at this point the staff member was great at putting my mind at ease. She asked if he had any other shoes with him (no) and it was raining hard so obviously no shoes would be a problem.


She asked if he had any other shoes with him (no) and it was raining hard so obviously no shoes would be a problem.


She told me not to worry and that if they weren’t found that she would figure something out.


I have no idea what that something would be but her reassurance that she was looking out for us was enough.


A few minutes later Ebi-kun reappeared, with his boots – hurrah! They had been moved and he hadn’t spotted the shelf where they had been moved to.


I was a happy ending after all.


I don’t actually believe that saying about the customer always being right, sometimes customers are idiots and sometimes it’s difficult to handle obnoxious people so this is very much a two-way thing. I didn’t kick up a fuss and was treated with respect which is the way it should be.


Make your customer feel like you care, take into consideration their worries and fears and that can make a huge difference.


I have no problem recommending The Blue Lagoon because of the treatment and excellent service, hands down they get a 5-star review from me. The place itself is great, clean and fun but it is the extra attention to details and stepping up the customer care and service which tips the balance.


Over to you, where have you visited or which service have you used that has been above and beyond? And what tips can you pick up from there that you can apply to your own business? Let me know in the comments.


The Blue Lagoon site can be found HERE and if you want to read more about our adventures in Iceland, check out my personal blog HERE

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3 business lessons from the Blue Lagoon in Iceland that you can use in your business. | Iceland | small business | start a business | Blue lagoon | #kaizen #bluelagoon #iceland #business“>
3 Business Lessons Learned From The Blue Lagoon | business lessons | #kaizen #business #bluelagoon“>

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