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1111 Declutter challenge

Declutter 1111 items

1111 Declutter challenge

It started with a nice round 500 then I decided it wasn’t a big enough stretch so I bumped it up to 1000 but when I put the paper on the fridge to track the amount of this I was throwing out, I thought, you know what, lets go for the magic number 1111!


And so the declutter 1111 challenge was born!


But WHY?

Twice a year I like to have a big chuck out, it changes the energy in the house and even though I tend to keep on top of most of the house, there are still cheeky things that sneak their way in. So a twice-a-year chuckathon is called for!
Today’s podcast I talk about the best way to set up your own challenge and what to do when you meet a block…like the one I had in my undies drawer!


Keeping clothes and toys to a minimum – less is more!


Keep rubbish bags handy, it depends on the system where you live but we need a bag for burnable, one for plastics and another for non burnable!


Ill fitting undies be gone! Still makes me a bit sad when I see this pic! But now I have nots of space for an undies upgrade!


Never ending bento bits! I vow never to buy any more bento bits!

Want an easy place to start your decluttering?
Try the fridge…

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5 Responses to "1111 Declutter challenge"
  1. Keri says:

    I binge-listened to your podcasts a few months ago and the 1,111 declutter challenge sparked me into action. I was intimated by the short amount of time, so I gave myself the month of October. I have been decluttering in my spare time and as of 10/31, I have gotten rid of 1,435 things! I’m only half way through my house. I’ll send an update at the end of November. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • jo ebisujima says:

      wow! That’s an amazing achievement! Keep going 🙂

      • Keri says:

        As of Nov 30th, I finished the whole house. I hit over 4,500+ and another 50+ out of my Christmas box this week.

        It sounds like a crazy number but in one of my spare rooms I had boxes of pictures that were taken while practicing/learning photography when we used to print EVERYTHING! Most of those went in the trash. Lots of family pics were shared too. Either they were duplicates or they were something someone else would appreciate more. I was able to give about 12 boxes of things and 6 bags of clothes to various charities, 2 large baskets of clothes + purses, blankets to someone who lost everything in a fire last week…gave old gaming consoles, games and toys to friends with young kids…and 2 empty dressers went to friends buying their first home…the list is endless. There are some things worth selling, but I put those aside for January, didn’t want to stop and focus on something else.

        It has encouraged me to continue to keep my house looking uncluttered every day. It really changes your attitude and I’ve lost 17 pounds, no kidding!
        Two months of dedication was totally worth it!

        • jo ebisujima says:

          Wow Keri, Thats amazing! So much stuff and so freeing too!
          I bet you feel great 🙂
          I know that I am now surrounded with things that I WANT to have around me, and I don’t feel claustrophobic in my own home! It does change your outlook doesn’t it, I am far more reserved when it comes to buying ‘stuff’ these days! Thank you for the update, it has put a big smile of my face 🙂

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