10 Easy Self Care Ideas For Busy Moms

No Time Is No Excuse!

As a working mom, I am always trying to juggle work, the home, time with my family and time for myself. Often the edges get blurred and sometimes I don’t know if I am coming or going. This is why self-care for busy moms is so important.

I am sure I am not the only mom out there who tends to push self-care to the bottom of the list when really it should be at the top. I also bet I’m not the only one who laughs and dismisses the health gurus telling me that I should be doing X amount of exercise between everything else on my list whilst chugging an organic green smoothie.

Being a mom is tough, being a working mom even tougher, being a working mom with no local support – well that just makes Bear Grylls Survival show look like a walk in the park. So, how are we supposed to do it all or more to the point, do we really need to?

I like to give myself mini health treats every day, some of them are a bit daft really but they make me feel good and put me in a better mood, put a spring in my step, and that is what is important, especially when you are having one of those ‘my life is crap’ days.

Some of these little health steps take seconds, literally, I kid you not, others you need to sneak in 10 minutes here or there.

Seriously mama, you can make 10 minutes just for you, there are 1440 minutes in a day, it is far from being selfish to demand that 10 minutes of those are purely for you! And some of these ideas don’t even take that! Self-care is important, take the time!


10 easy self care practices that you can do in 10 minutes or less | self care for busy moms | quick self care | 10 minute self care ideas |

This is not a list of have to’s, see it more of a list of suggestions, I would love to know what you do to add to the list….

A Squirt Of Perfume – I have small collection of perfumes but rarely go out anywhere fancy so instead, I give myself a squirt in the morning, even if I am working at home and don’t plan to see anyone all day. . A Magic Wand Of Mascara – some people love lipstick, I love mascara, a quick wave of the mascara wand and I instantly feel more glamorous, even if I am in my jogging pants and t-shirt. . 5 Minutes Of Ommm – We bath the Japanese way, that is to say, we take a bath every night and I always take 5 minutes, sometimes more, to meditate whilst in the bath. If I am having one of those crazy brain ache days, I will take a few minutes during the day to stop, breath and centre myself again, makes a world of difference. There are several apps you can download to your phone that have short meditations and you can do it almost anywhere (not driving or using machinery obviously!) I’m enjoying the Buddify app at the moment but there are plenty out there including free ones. . 10 easy self care practicies that you can do in 10 minutes or less | self care for busy moms | quick self care | 10 minute self care ideas | . Fancy Nails – If you follow me on Instagram you will know I like to do my nails, I have an insane collection of nail varnishes and so Friday night is nail night. It doesn’t take long to give your nails a bit of love! . Oo-er Fancy Pants – why wait for a date night (and waiting until the cows come home!) to wear your fancy undies, put them on today and feel great even if you have an hum-drum day planned. Plus my nana always said you should wear your good undies when you leave the house in case you get hit by a bus. I’m not sure I follow the logic, if I was run over by a bus I doubt I’d be worrying about my undies… . Do The Downward Facing Dog – I have done yoga on and off over the years and have recently discovered yogaglo, an online school with several types of yoga and classes set up so you can search for say, lower back pain or for a specific length of time, this is perfect to fit in my busy schedule. But even a few minutes of stretches can be beneficial, especially if you are sat at the computer all day. . Taking Time To Learn – I am one of life’s perceptual learners, I always seem to have a new skill to master or a new topic to delve into. I love Craftsy for this, online, self paced classes in all kinds of topics. Lynda and Udemy are another two places to find online learning resources. Although as I work I am always learning about new software or how to do something, I also like to schedule a bit of time each week just for learning. . Family Time – It is so easy these days because we are so busy to forget to spend proper quality time with each member of the family. As humans, we thrive on connection and so if there is a disconnect or we are not getting our fill of proper connection time we start to feel down. Aim to take at least a few minutes each day, to have some, one on one, uninterrupted time with each family member. . Mama Mia – Here I go again, dancing around the living room, like a disco diva. Who cares what the neighbours think! A good dance to a favourite track or two is always a good pick me up. The kids love it too, it gets those feel-good endorphins buzzing and helps the blood get pumping. A review of 23 studies by Bradt & Dileo (in 2009) involving almost 1,500 people found music helped to reduce blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety in heart disease patients. It doesn’t have to be dancing, any type of music will get those feel-good vibes going, from singing in a choir to drumming on the countertop.   10 easy self care practicies that you can do in 10 minutes or less | self care for busy moms | quick self care | 10 minute self care ideas | . Eat something healthy – Often self-care lists include having a glass of wine or two, and I get it. In a way, it is self-care or survival, depending on the type of day you have had. But reaching for the bottle can also lead you down a slippery path, often alcohol leads to snacking and well, all the good self-care goes right out the window! Have a green smoothie or something healthy to eat works twofold, firstly you are going to get the good stuff into your body but secondly, you are less likely to skip exercise or eat crap because your brain is telling you that you don’t want to mess up the good work you have done so far.
10 easy self care practices that you can do in 10 minutes or less | self care for moms | quick self care | 10 minute self care ideas | “>

See, none of those take long and you can easily squeeze a few in each day, try it out, mix it up, add a few of your own in, just don’t forget to tell me what they are!

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